Weather Policy

We occasionally have swim practice in the rain.  However, for safety if there is thunder, lightning or torrential downpour at Birchdale Pool all swimmers will be out of the water for at least 30 min.  We will resume practice if the storm leaves the area in time for us to have at least an hour of practice.  We work around the weather as necessary & try to practice if we can.  For instance, if it storms at 6pm but quits by 6:30 we will practice from 7–9pm; if a thunder storm rolls in at 8pm we would cancel practice for rest of evening.

Generally we do not make a decision to cancel practice for the evening until 4pm.  As soon as we do, we send an email to the team that practice is cancelled or what portion of it is cancelled.  That being said, weather predictions are not reliable & if practice was cancelled every time storms were predicted we would rarely have practice.

Occasionally the County may close the pool based on the weather forecast or low water temperature.  Usually that decision is not made by the County until at least 3pm.  When that happens, an email will be sent immediately.

Remember, the weather conditions at BIRCHDALE POOL are what we go by.  Just because it is calm but cloudy in one area of the county does not necessarily mean it is not storming at Birchdale…the converse is true as well.  So be mindful storms can move in quickly & be prepared for practice to be cancelled without warning based on BIRCHDALE’s weather conditions.  If you cannot pick up your swimmer yourself, PLEASE have a plan in place & make prior arrangements for someone else to transport your swimmer home in the event a sudden cancellation occurs.  Do not assume or rely on board members or coaches to take care of this for you. Thank you for your cooperation & consideration.


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