Registration Welcome Letter

March 26, 2019


Electronic Registration for our upcoming Summer 2019 Swim Season Registration is now open!
The process is simple for both new and returning members. You’ll get access to your Teamsnap account that will enable you easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children’s swim times histories, maintain your own contact information, and more. In a few short months, our Frogs will make their way back to the pond! Practices begin May 28 —but specific times and schedules will be sent out later in the spring.
Please make a note of our new Registration deadlines & the change in registration process – You may now register online at or in person at our Swin Suit fitting on April 27

EARLY Registration for returning Frogs: February 1 – March 15
OPEN to new swimmers, 1st come, 1st served: March 15 – May 26
LATE Registration continues to all spaces filled thru: May 27 (Late fee applies $25 per swimmer.


  • 1ST Swimmer: $150 plus $10 Prince William County Facility Activity Fee
  • 2nd Swimmers: $125 plus $10 Prince William County Facility Activity Fee
  • 3rd Swimmer $100 plus $10 Prince William County Facility Activity Fee

Prince William County is now enforcing a $17 per Swimmer Facility Activity Fee. The team will offset the fee by only charge $10.

Any returning Swimmers that registers and pays or makes the deposit prior to March 15th will receive $25 off on their First two swimmer and $10 off any additional swimmer after.

Additional items:
Swim Cap Plain – Free, $5.00 – personalized

TEAM SNAP/: We are using TeamSnap again, an online team management tool. This will allow the team to communicate better with parents and swimmers. Once you are registered and into the system, you will receive member login information.

FROG ONLINE STORE: Another new feature this year will be our online store for our FROG apparel and gear. We will still sell goggles & other necessities each night, and a full line of our apparel at selected practices and meets but you will be able to place orders online if you prefer that option. Details on that are coming soon!

Coach in Training
This year we are bringing back our Coach-in-Training program. If you/your child are a rising 11th grade or higher, you may apply to be a coach-in-training. Requirements: 1) Proficient in all strokes, 2) Available for 1.5 hrs. from 6:00-8:30, at least 2 days a week. Pay ranges from $7.25 – $10 per hour. If interested, please send an email to Coach Pam with your interest and statement on why you would make a good coach.

FROG Buddies
Do you want to contribute to making a younger Frog teammate feel more comfortable and enjoy their first years as part of the Frogs team? If so, then become a Frog Buddy!

We are looking for approximately 40 older swimmers to help mentor our 8 & Under. (Parents — if you feel your older child needs a buddy, please let us know). Buddies will be 11 & older swimmers first; then as needed we will use 9-10 yo for Buddies.

What are the requirements to be a Frog Buddy? Commit to your assigned swimmer for the season – be a friend & role model to them, encourage them at practice, cheer for them at meets. Occasionally get them a surprise treat or card to reward their hard work. Have fun with them and teach them to enjoy the sport you love!

Please e-mail coach Pam ASAP at Buddies must have their parents’ permission to participate.


Thanks for being a part of the DCST Frog Family!

-Frog Board

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