Parent Handbook



Volunteer Requirements:

  • An efficiently run swim meet provides the best experience and environment for our swimmers to benefit from their many hours of hard work at practices. This requires parent involvement.
  • We depend on each family to volunteer for at least 1 shift if your child is swimming (i.e. Time Trials, 6 regular season meets, and Divisional).
  • Depending on the meet, shifts can range from 1 – 2 hrs. Meets average 4-5 hours long.
  • There are many volunteer opportunities and we provide training for all positions. (See list of positions below.)
  • Qualified Meet Officials** ensure fair competition for our swimmers. The required 1-day training sessions for those positions are provided by Prince William Swim League.
  • If you are unable to meet these requirements, please work with the Volunteer Coordinator to make other arrangements to support the team. Rest assured, whatever your circumstances, the Frogs have a job for you!
  • Questions about volunteer positions and Meet Officials training can be directed to
  • Failure to fulfill this mandatory service requirement will result in a charge of $25, which must be paid prior to next meet.

Safety Requirements:

  • For the swimmer’s safety, they must be able to safely cross the length of the pool (25 meters) under their own power.
  • IF AFTER 2 WEEKS YOUR CHILD IS NOT CONSIDERED WATER SAFE by our coaching staff, your child will not be able to swim on the team this season.
  • The purpose of our team is NOT to provide swim lessons, but to train swimmers for competition at all levels.
  • Speed is not a requirement. Perfect stroke technique is not a requirement. (This is what they are learning.)



The Dale City Frogs Swim Team (DCST) founded in 1975, is one of 24 summer swim teams that make up the Prince William Swim League (PWSL) and one of four public teams in the County.  We are committed to providing each swimmer with the opportunity to develop strong body, mind and spirit to the best of their ability, in a team environment. This is achieved through participation in practices and swim meets.  All swimmers are encouraged to work hard, develop self-discipline, and strive to do their best – however, we never lose sight of our goal of providing a fun environment, and instilling a love of the sport of swimming.  We are a family friendly team and are glad to have you as part of that Frog family. Every swimmer counts on the Dale City Frogs!

This handbook has been produced by the DCST Board of Directors (BOD) as a reference for our Frog families and to answer frequently asked questions.

Below are the items covered further in this page:

  • Fees & Registration Dates for 2018 Season
  • Registration Fees Due
  • Minimum Skill Requirements
  • Practice Schedule
  • Age Group Swim Times
  • Parental Attendance at Practice
  • Meet Schedule
  • Important Meet Details – Please familiarize yourself with this information
  • What is Clerk of Course?
  • Suggested Items needed at Swim Meets
  • Meet Requirements
  • Identifying your Swimmer’s Meet Attendance
  • Team Suits
  • Team Caps
  • DCST Apparel
  • Volunteer Positions
  • Birchdale Pool Deck Layout for Swim Meets


Registration opens, first for returning Frogs, then to the public and space on the team is available on a first come, first served basis. Registration will remain open up to the beginning of the swim season or when we reach our membership limit, which is set by the Board of Directors (BOD) and coaching staff.

Registrations are online through TeamSnap Online registration must be completed and all fees must be paid before we can allow a swimmer on deck or in the water.

Fees & Registration Dates for 2018 Season

Returning Swimmers Only: March 1–31

  • $125 (for the 1st swimmer)
  • $  90 (for the 2nd sibling)
  • $  75 (for the 3rd or more sibling)

Registration open to public:  April 1-15

  • $125 each $125 (for the 1st swimmer)
  • $  90 (for the 2nd sibling)
  • $  75 (for the 3rd or more sibling)

Full payment due by April 30*

Late Registration:  April 15-May 30

  • $150 each

Each registration includes a DCST swim cap.  Caps can be personalized (during the registration process) for an extra $3.00. Additional caps may be purchased for $5 or $8/personalized.  Orders for personalized caps must be placed no later than April 30th.

As a public swim team we must rent the pool facilities from the county.  Your registration fees cover pool rental (assessed by PW County, per swimmer/per hour), PWSL fees, insurance, necessary team supplies, coaches’ salaries, and operating costs.

The County requires lifeguards to be on deck at all times while we are using the pool.

Registration Fees Due

Full payment for registration(s) is due by April 30.

*If payment (or prior arrangement for payment) is not made by April 30, the swimmer’s registration will be removed from the roster to make room for another swimmer


The first week of practice is our Tryouts week. This is a time for coaches to evaluate all swimmers.  *By the end of the Tryout week, parents of any new swimmer who is determined by the Coaching Staff to not be water safe or ready for a competitive swim team (due to skill or maturity), will be advised, and the registration fee will be refunded (minus a $50 non-refundable processing fee.)  It may be suggested that the swimmer receive additional swim lessons and try out again at a later date.

During the Tryout period, refunds for returning DCST member are refunded at 75% of the registration fee paid.

After the Tryout period (1st week) no refunds will be issued should you choose to not continue with DCST.  Exceptions are in the case dire or exceptional family emergencies. The BOD will decide those situations on a case by case basis.


The first week is our tryout period for new and returning members.   Tryouts being May 29 and go through June 1.

The coaching staff evaluates each swimmer individually and places them into appropriate instructional groups based on their age, swimming skills and ability.  Speed, or stroke skills & knowledge, are not requirements.  (*Please make sure you have read the “Refunds” section above.)

Minimum Skill Requirements

DCST is not a learn-to-swim program. All children need to be able to swim independently and under their own power in a safe manner.  They do not need to be stroke proficient, they do need to be safe. SAFETY is a priority.

  • 8 & Under: Swimmer must be able to float on their back, be able to get to the side of the pool or a lane line under their own power, and tread water independently.
  • Age 9-10: Swimmer must be able to swim 25 meters unassisted (1 pool length) without stopping.
  • Age 11 & older: Swimmer should be able to swim 50 meters without difficulty.


We communicate with the team members and/or their families via:

  • Email
  • Facebook: Dale City Frogs Swim Team
  • Website:
  • Team Snap – Team Snap is our team database.
    • Please download this mobile friendly app.
    • Time sensitive messages, including inclement weather practice delays or cancellations are sent thru Team Snap
    • Team Snap is also where you indicate your child’s availability for swim meets (See “Swim Meets” for more information.)
    • Everyone who registers (swimmers and parents) will have a profile in Team Snap. The information in Team Snap is not public and only for the use of team members, their families, BOD/coaches
    • Optional: you may include a picture of your swimmer in their profile, and your contact information to share with other parents.


A swimmer’s attention span and desire to be part of our team are more important than ability. Swimmers should be willing to learn, and motivated to participate and have fun!

Practices are held at Birchdale Pool 5 days a week.  Attendance at all practices is not mandatory, however, please remember that for conditioning, stroke development, and preparation for competition, swimmers should attend as many practices as possible.

“Dryland Practice”:  We also include this in our practice sessions Mondays – Thursdays.  Dryland is for strength and conditioning and may include general calisthenics or games incorporating exercise for younger age groups.  Dryland is an important part of swim conditioning, making swimmers stronger, faster and less prone to injury.  Dryland precedes or follows your swimmer’s practice time, and it is strongly encouraged that they participate in this time.

Practice Schedule

Our practice schedule varies based on PWC School schedule.

  • May 29 – June 8 (Last day of school for PWC Schools):
    • Mon-Fri 6:15 – 9:00 pm
    • Age group practice times generally follow the below schedule but may vary slightly the first 2 weeks of practice.
  • June 11 – July 27
    • Mon – Thurs: 6:15 – 9:00 pm
    • Fridays: 9:00 -11:30 am

Age Group Swim Times

Tryout week:  New swimmers will be notified what time to arrive for practice during the evaluation week. Following Tryouts, generally, speaking, your swimmer’s age, then ability, determine the time they swim.  Some variations will occur at the coaches’ discretion and parents will be notified if this applies to their swimmer.

Approximate practice times are as follows (beginning the week of June 11): 

  • 8 & Under age group practice
    • Swim: 6:15-7:00 pm (M-Th)
    • Dryland: 7:00 -7:30  pm (M-Th) (beginning in June)
    • Swim: 11:00-11:30 am (Fridays, beginning June 15)
  • 9-12 age group practice
    • Swim 7:00 – 8:00 pm (M-Th)
    • Dryland: 8:00 – 8:30 pm (M-Th) (beginning in June)
    • Swim 9:00-10:00am (Fridays, beginning June 15)
  • 13 & Over age group practice
    • Dryland: 7:30 – 8:00pm (M-Th)  (beginning in June)
    • Swim: 8:00 – 9:00pm
    • Swim: 8:00-9:00 am (Fridays, beginning June 15)

Parental Attendance at Practice

Swimmers 10 and under: A parent or other responsible adult must be available at the pool during practice & meets.

Swimmers 11 & older: You may drop off your child at practice, but you should always be prepared for p/u should there be inclement weather* or your swimmer is unable to finish practice due to illness, injury or other.

Failure to be at the pool within 15 minutes of the end of practice time including cancellation due to weather will result in a fee of $25 being assessed.  Children cannot remain at the pool unsupervised.

*We are mandated by the county to be out of the water/off the pool deck for a specified time at the first sign of lightening/thunder.  Please bear this in mind if dropping off your child at practice.  For more information on our cancellation policy, see “Inclement Weather”.


This is important information for new swimmer and their families.  Please look over this section carefully.

Meets are a vital part of personal and athletic development for the swimmer. They are fun events for the swimmer and great confidence builders!

If a swimmer is not ready for a meet the coaches are aware and will advise the parents.  But our goal is to get all swimmers ready to compete in the weekly meets. Every team member counts on the Frogs!   Every swim counts!

Meet Schedule

  • Time Trials (1): June 9, 2018 @ Birchdale Pool.
    • This is especially important for new swimmers. This is a dress rehearsal for a real meet.
    • Typically this meet is just DCST. Although at times we may invite a smaller team to join us for this dry run.
    • This is an opportunity for your swimmer to get a baseline time in their strokes.
  • Regular Season Meets (6 – 3 at Birchdale, 3 away):
    • June 16 Ridgwood @ DCST
    • June 23 DCST @ Southbridge
    • June 30 Stonewall @ DCST
    • July 7 DCST @ Lake Ridge
    • July 14 DCST @ Meadowbrook
    • July 21 Dominion Valley @ DCST
  • Divisional Meet (1):
    • July 28, 2018 – Location TBD
    • This meet is between the 3 teams which comprise our division in PWSL.
  • A schedule of our meets is also available on our team Facebook page and website


Important Meet Details – Please familiarize yourself with this information

  • Arrive early, and set up a space for you and your swimmer to rest in between events.
  • Check-in with your child’s coach as well as the volunteer coordinator.
  • Warm ups (for swimmers age 11 and over, and some 9-10 year olds at the coaches’ discretion), begin at approx 6:20am for home meets, and 6:40am for away meets. Please arrive in time for your swimmer to participate.)
  • 8 & Under do not participate in warmups!
  • RELAYS are important! Relays are held at the very beginning and very end of each meet.
    • If your swimmer has been selected to be part of an early relay team, they must check in with their coach, NO LATER THAN 6:45am. If they have not checked in by 6:45, they will be pulled from the relay.
    • If you swimmer has been selected to participate in the freestyle relay at the end of the meet, please do not leave the meet. If you must leave before the relay, please notify a coach ASAP.
    • This allows time for the coaches to find a replacement swimmer and not having to forfeit the relay.
  • You may set up a tent/umbrella inside or outside the fence, however, no tents/chairs are allowed on the pool deck during meets.
  • A map of the pool deck set up for swim meets is available at the end of this handbook.
  • Help your child learn the location of the Clerk of Course (description follows). It is vital for swimmers to know where and when to go to CoC.
  • Your child’s coach determines his/her entries for a meet.
  • Please know ahead of time which events your swimmer is in. Events are sent out the Friday before the meet via Team Snap Messaging.
  • Swimmers are limited to 3 individual events per meet and up to 2 relay events.
  • Parents may not coach their swimmer (verbally give instruction) while swimming their event.
  • “Heat Sheets” are available the morning of the meet (usually for a small fee) and will list all swimmers in the order they participate in their events.
  • Meets can last anywhere from 4-5 hours on the average.

What is Clerk of Course?

The Clerk of Course is the person responsible for correctly “seeding” (assignment of a lane/heat) each swimmer in their events.  During the meet the announcer will give direction for swimmers in Event #__ to go to Clerk of Course.  Please be listening for the announcement and event numbers and send your swimmer there promptly with their cap & goggles, ready to swim.  It takes up valuable volunteer resource time to have to find swimmers who are not paying attention or missed their call.   Your swimmer can be “scratched” (removed) from the event if they do not show up in a reasonable time after the calls to Clerk of Course.  This is to prevent delays in the meet.  (All pools, private or county owned, give strict time limits on swim meets.  So we must stay on schedule.)

Suggested Items needed at Swim Meets

  • Make sure your swimmer has their team suit, goggles, cap (it is advisable to have back up goggles and swim cap, although we do sell them and other items for emergencies.)
  • Be prepared for the weather – sunscreen, chairs, shade (umbrella or pop up tent)
  • Swimmer’s event list and a Sharpie marker to write the event # on your swimmer’s hand
  • Towel(s) and weather appropriate cover up (shorts, shirts, etc.) for in between events.
  • Cards, games, toys to entertain swimmers in between events

Snacks, beverages OR money for concessions. (Concessions offers items such as:  soda, juice, milk, coffee, water, muffins, donuts, fruit, snacks, salads, sandwiches, Chik Fil-a sandwiches and/or grilled hamburgers, sweets and/or desserts)

Meet Requirements

DCST is designed for swimmers who want to participate in the competition of swim meets. Signing up to be part of the team, only to attend practices is taking the place of a swimmer who would like to compete.  Therefore,

  • We require that each Frog team member participate in at least 3 regular season meets
  • Failure to fulfill this requirement could result in being held from the team next season.

Divisional Swimmer Eligibility: A swimmer is eligible to swim events at a Divisional Meet if he/she has participated in it at a minimum of two PWSL sanctioned meets during the season and obtained at least one legal time in that stroke. Time trials or previous year’s times do not count for Divisional Eligibility.

Identifying your Swimmer’s Meet Attendance

IMPORTANT:  It is extremely important to identify your swimmer’s availability to attend each meet (absent or attending), no later than Wednesday before the meet.  This is done on Team Snap.

If you have to pull out of a swim meet after Wednesday deadline, please notify Coach Pam Friend by text 703-282-5608 or as soon as possible.  If your swimmer is sick or there is some other emergency on a Saturday morning, please try to make contact with Coach Pam no later than 6:30am.

You can set attendance for the entire season at once (it can be edited later), or you may do this on a week by week basis if you prefer.

Why is this important?  Marking your swimmer attendance correctly saves a lot of time for many hands!  (Coaches, computer entry, and Clerk of Course all are affected.)  Your cooperation is appreciated!


We have several documents that can answer scoring questions.  These can be found under the Parent Portal on our website:


Summer storms are extremely unpredictable and often isolated.  Delays or cancellations are not made based on the weather reporting early in the day. Due to summer storm unpredictability, decisions to delay or cancel some or all practice sessions are usually not made until very close to practice times. As soon as a decision is made, the BOD will alert you via Team Snap messages and/or DCST Facebook page.

Please do not call a BOD Member to check on the status of practice. They are monitoring the conditions and are in contact with Birchdale Pool operators, and will send out alerts as soon as they have been made. 

DCST does not make a call on weather related pool closings. That is the responsibility of Birchdale Pool Operator and Head Lifeguard.

More explanation of our weather policy can be found at:


Team Suits

We do not require your swimmer(s) to purchase a team suit, but it is highly recommended, as well as wearing the team cap.  Competition suits are strongly recommended.  For young ladies, no 2-piece or fashion suits are allowed – this is both for modesty and performance. It is recommended that young men wear jammers or swim briefs.  Information about Team Suits is provided in the early spring.

A Special Note about Swimsuit care:

Our swimmers spend a lot of time in chlorinated water & sun.  Their suits also come in contact with the concrete pool deck.  All of these factors can greatly increase the wear and tear on suits. If you intend for the team suit to last for more than 1 season, it is advisable to have your swimmer wear a practice suit and use the team suits at meets.  It is always advisable to wash the suit after each practice following manufacturer’s instructions.

Team Caps

One team cap* is included with the price of registration.  The cap may be personalized for a nominal fee during the registration process.  A second cap can be purchased, and can be personalized.

*Please be aware that if your swimmer does not wear a DCST swim cap they may not be captured by our team photographer and may be left out of official team photos, slide shows, etc.

DCST Apparel

We also offer a variety of DCST/Frogs apparel and accessories which is available for purchase at practices and meets.


Swim teams and swim meets are volunteer run. No meets would occur without our parent volunteers. A typical swim meet requires more than 90 support positions to run smoothly.

Each family must volunteer at least 1 shift at each meet that your child participates in.  Prior to each meet you will receive an email from with a list of available positions for that Saturday’s meet.  Choose a position and the shift you prefer.  (Most meets have 2 shifts –dividing the estimated time for the meet in half.) A list of volunteer positions follows.

Failure to fulfill this mandatory service requirement will result in a charge of $25 per shift that was missed. 

There are many ways you can support the team, and volunteer opportunities exist for families who have extenuating circumstances and cannot work shifts at a meet. Please contact Jerome Martin or another member of the BOD if you need other volunteer options.

Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Position Description Training Requirements
Referee The official in charge of the meet; the final authority in all matters re the meet. Special League Training
Starter Start each heat of the meet Must attend starter clinic
Stroke & Turn Official Swim officials assigned to judging swimmers’ comformance with rules for each event. Must attend Stroke and Turn clinic
Clerk of Course Assembles all swimmers into their correct lane/heat and distributes deck cards to each swimmer Head Clerk: Prior Training Required
CoC Asst: No prior training needed
Mother Hen Assists at 8 & Under Clerk of Course – leading children to correct lanes/heats. Must be good with young children
Timers Use stopwatch to get accurate times for each swimmer No training needed. Must attend Timer Meeting at the start of each meet.
Recorder Works with timers to record all times onto deck cards No training needed. Must attend Timer Meeting at the start of each meet.
Card Runner Picks up cards with swimmers times, delivers to scorers No training
Scorer Determines official times from the cards delivered from Recorders. These cards then get delivered to the Computer Representative On the job training
Concession Work concession stand during home meets No training
Ribbon Coordinator Puts labels on meet ribbons which gets distributed to coaches or swimmers See Janet Genari
Computer Representative Person who enters all meet entries and enters swimmer’s times. Training Required
Website Designs, maintains and updates team website Training & experience necessary
Spirit Week Last week of practice leading up to Divisional Meet – special events at each night of practice See Jerome Martin or another member of BOD
End of Season Awards Ceremony Our final event of the season (day after Divisional Meet). Held at Waterworks Park. See Jerome Martin or another member of BOD
Team/Meet Photographer A parent that is willing to take pictures at meets of a variety of swimmers/events See Jerome Martin or another member of BOD


Fundraising is an important part of our season and enables us to keep our registrations fees low. Throughout the season we often have small fundraising events such as a Swim-a-Thon, an ice cream social, or pizza night.  (More info is listed under the Social/Family Events.)

Our Concessions at home meets is a large source of revenue for the team. We will have a weekly sign up for items needed for Concessions. These donations are vital for the team and are of minimal cost to the individual (such as donating creamer for coffee, or a bag of apples), but add up to great saving for the team.

We also solicit local businesses for Corporate Fundraising. If you know of a business interested in supporting local team sports, please contact


We do want to encourage friendships among our Frog teammates and families as well. We all spend many long hours at Birchdale and at meets – to do it with friends is way more enjoyable and benefits the team.  Friends support, encourage and cheer each other on!

Through the season we offer several social events, which also double as some of the mini fundraisers for the team as mentioned in the Fundraising section.  Some of the events you might hear about are Food Truck Tuesdays, Tasty Thursdays (a meal for swimmers/families during practice, can be food for sale, or a potluck style meal provided by parents).  These are also great opportunities to feed your family at practice – we know it’s often rushed getting kids fed and to the pool ontime!  We will also have Spirit Nights at local restaurants, Pie-In-the-Face night, S’mores Nights, Pizza Nights.

“Spirit Week” is the last week of practices and the week leading up to our Divisional Meet.  Each night of spirit week we have a theme practice and activity.  This is a very fun week for the kids and the parents!

Our season culminates with our End of Season Awards Party.  This always takes place the Sunday after Divisionals at Waterworks Park (Andrew Leitch Park) in Dale City.  The evening begins with a BYO Picnic, Awards, then the Frogs take over the water park!

Another possible post season event is Frogs @ King’s Dominion with discounted tickets for team members.  More information will be available during the season.


All Board members are unpaid volunteers. The Board welcomes your input and your comments. Please feel free to stop a board member at practice or give them a call to discuss whatever is on your mind. Also, we encourage you to think about becoming a Board member – feel free to ask us what we do.



PRESIDENT: Jerome Martin




SOCIAL/EVENTS: Lorelei Kennedy




APPAREL: Karen Bussenger

CONCESSIONS: Machelle Reid


New Family Coordinator: Jacque Dietrichson


Our Coaching Staff is made up of a Head Coach (Pam Friend), age group & assistant coaches and several Coaches-in-Training.

The Coaches-in-Training program is a program for senior, experienced, registered Frog team members, between the ages 16-18, who are interested in learning how to teach competitive swimming.  Requirements are at least 3 years with the Frogs. To be accepted for this program, the swimmers must submit a resume and be fully committed to the job.

Job responsibilities:  If selected for the program, their responsibilities include working under the direct supervision of one of our coaches.  Assisting the coach on a daily basis unless otherwise arranged.  They will be required to give full time attention to their swimmers during their assigned coaching times. They will teach correct stroke technique, providing “hands on help” to swimmers, extra eyes and more attention to swim groups, and help with teaching stroke fundamentals.

Coaches in Training are expected to still attend their own practice sessions.  At swim meets Coaches-in-Training should be prepared to be in the Coach’s Tent for talking with and instructing their swimmers, when they themselves are not in events.


The DCST Board of Director and coaching staff expect that all swimmers want to be competitive and are ready to participate fully in all practices and team functions. Sportsmanship and mature conduct are the qualities of true winners. These qualities will be expected of all team members in and out of the pool.  Swimmers are expected to know:

  1. You and your swimmer(s) are representing DCST at practice and meets. Please conduct yourself with team spirit, sportsmanship and courtesy to others.
  2. Swimmers are expected at all times to follow the directions of coaches, assistant coaches, chaperones or Members of the Board. Disrespect or failure to obey instructions will not be tolerated from any swimmer.
  3. Swimmers are expected to use appropriate language. Use of profane or abusive language or obscene gestures will not be tolerated.
  4. Swimmers are expected to respect each other. Fighting, intentional touching or striking another athlete will subject the swimmer to removal from the team.
  5. Swimmers are expected to respect and care for the property of others. Vandalism, intentional damage to property or theft of property will not be tolerated.
  6. Only registered swimmers are permitted to participate in any event during a meet.
  7. Anyone who becomes aware of a posted final result for an event, which incorrectly identifies a swimmer or other error shall immediately report the error to DCST Clerk of Course or Head Official.
  8. Disruption of practice by a swimmer or other minor offenses will be grounds for removal of that practice session and will be addressed by the coaching staff on the pool deck. Coaches have authority to address these behavior issues.
  • A first infraction for minor disruption will result in the swimmer sitting on the edge of the pool until the coach decides they are ready to reenter the water.
  • A second offense will cause the swimmer to report to the head coach for discipline.
  • For a third minor offense, the swimmer will be removed from practice and a parent meeting with coach or board member to address the issue.
  1. More severe offenses:
  • A first offense may warrant a one-day suspension from practice immediately and the notification of the swimmer’s parents.
  • A second offense may warrant a three day suspension from the team, and the swimmer and parents will have to meet with a member of the Board of Directors and the coach at the coach’s earliest convenience to be reinstated.
  • A third offense may result in expulsion from the team.
  1. Violent or severe offenses can result in immediate suspension or removal from the team at the BOD’s discretion.

As a member of DCST, the following behavior will NOT be tolerated:

  • Pushing others into the pool
  • Pushing, hitting or towel snapping
  • Running on deck/horseplay
  • Dunking or holding someone under the water
  • Smoking in or adjacent to the Pool Area
  • Foul or discriminatory language
  • Excessive splashing
  • Harassment of any kind
  • Destruction of any pool/locker room property
  • Chewing gum in pool/spitting

The following behavior is encouraged

  • Positive attitude & hard work
  • Helping others/displaying good sportsmanship
  • Cheering during races for all team mates
  • Making new friends


The events in swim meets always occur in the same order.  Boys first, girls second in each individual event.

66 15-18 200 Meter Free Relay 67
1 8 & Under Mixed Medley Relay 1
2 9-10 100 Meter Medley Relay 3
4 11-12 100 Meter Medley Relay 5
6 13-14 200 Meter Medley Relay 7
8 15-18 200 Meter Medley Relay 9
10 8 & Under 25 Meter Freestyle 11
12 9-10 50 Meter Freestyle 13
14 11-12 50 Meter Freestyle 15
16 13-14 50 Meter Freestyle 17
18 15-18 50 Meter Freestyle 19
20 10 & Under 100 Meter IM 21
22 11-12 100 Meter IM 23
24 13-14 100 Meter IM 25
26 15-18 100 Meter IM 27
28 8 & Under 25 Meter Backstroke 29
30 9-10 50 Meter Backstroke 31
32 11-12 50 Meter Backstroke 33
34 13-14 50 Meter Backstroke 35
36 15-18 50 Meter Backstroke 37
38 8 & Under 25 Meter Breaststroke 39
40 9-10 50 Meter Breaststroke 41
42 11-12 50 Meter Breaststroke 43
44 13-14 50 Meter Breaststroke 45
46 15-18 50 Meter Breaststroke 47
48 8 & Under 25 Meter Butterfly 49
50 9-10 50 Meter Butterfly 51
52 11-12 50 Meter Butterfly 53
54 13-14 50 Meter Butterfly 55
56 15-18 50 Meter Butterfly 57
58 8 & Under 100 Meter Free Relay 59
60 9-10 100 Meter Free Relay 61
62 11-12 100 Meter Free Relay 63
64 13-14 200 Meter Free Relay 65

Birchdale Pool Deck Layout for Swim Meets:

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