Welcome to the Birchdale Pool – Home of DCST Frogs


We are happy to be hosting your swim team at our “pond”. We hope the following information will assist you and help the meet run smoothly.  Please contact us if you have additional questions.

Address:  Birchdale Pool is located at 14730 Birchdale Ave., Woodbridge, VA 22193, in Dale City.  The pool facility is on the corner of Dale Blvd. and Birchdale Avenue.  The entrance to the pool is immediately to your left upon turning onto Birchdale Ave.

Parking:  The pool has a small parking lot, it fills up quickly.  We have a few reserved spots for our concessions, DCST equipment and handicapped. Otherwise, spots are first come, first served.   Please observe parking signs for the town home community across the street from the pool.  There is plenty of street parking on Birchdale and surrounding streets. Please respect owners’ driveways.   There is parking on the dead-end side of Birchdale, by the ball field and Good Shepherd United Methodist Church.  There is a circle there and parking on one side of the road.  Also, you may park in the lower lot of the church, but NOT the front lot, as there are services there on Saturday 9-noon.

Team Area:  Visiting teams may set up around outside the fence adjacent to the road and in front of the hillside from the upper parking lot, and inside the fence along hillside towards diving boards.  There are entrances beside the shed, next to hillside, and the double main gate near the Concessions.  Dale City sets up in the grass inside the fence closest to the main entrance.   Please gather all belongings and pick up all trash before leaving.

Warm-ups and Start Time:  Dale City has the first warm-ups from 6:10 – 6:30am.  Visiting team warm-ups are from 6:30 – 6:50am. National Anthem at 6:55 and the meet will start promptly after.

Relays: Visiting team relays are in even lanes 2, 4, & 6.

We use dive over starts for all individual events for 11 and ups, in order to keep meet moving and finish by our deadline. Dive over starts will be addressed at the Officials Meeting.  If there are any concerns about this protocol, please raise them with Chris Pappas at C.Pappas1@comcast.net   Please review this protocol with your swimmers 11 and older.

Clerk of Course (COC):   We have 2 CoC.  Main CoC, for 9&O 50 meter individual events, is located on by the diving board, under the Brown shade canopies.  The 8&U CoC (& 9/10 Fly) is located on deck to right of the main double gate under Blue shade canopies. We announce and display events for each CoC on large cards and have a very good sound system.  We will call each event twice.  Swimmers should report to their COC at first call.  A “last call announcement” will be made, but swimmers should have already reported. Once an event has been seeded, CoC will NOT reseed for late arrivals.  Swimmers arriving after event is seeded may not swim.  Because we are a county-run pool, we have strict time constraints on turning the pool over to the public; we cannot hold up the progression of the meet to locate swimmers who fail to report.   Please listen for announcements for event reporting.  Due to these constraints, only Frog trained volunteers will be seeding the meet.  You are welcome to have a couple of extra parents on hand at CoC to track down swimmers not present, however, due to the size of our pool we cannot allow children to hang out at clerk of course with parent volunteers.  

Volunteers:  Note:  Our pool is 6 lanes lanes wide with lane 1 is closest to deep end (diving board side) lane 6 next to the starter.

There will be two (2) shifts of volunteers (except for officials). 1st shift 6:50 – 9:30 am,   2nd shift 9:30-end (about 12 pm).  Please bring as many Stroke & Turn Officials as possible.

Officials: All officials will meet at 6:35am to go over assignments.  Officials meet on the deck near main starting end under large yellow canopy. Visiting teams should provide a minimum of 3-4 Stroke and Turn Officials.  Please also have a starter and referee.  This allows for a rotation of officials during the meet.

If you are unable to meet the minimum requirements for officials, please email Chris Pappas at pappas_chris@comcast.net no later than Wednesday prior to the meet.

Coaches Meeting:  The Head Coaches for both teams will meet with the Head Referee at 6:20 am under the yellow canopy.

Timers/Recorders:  All Timers/Recorders should attend the Timers/Recorders at 6:40 am on pool deck under the blue tented canopies lead by Jorge Zamora.  From this meeting, 1st shift Timers/Recorders will go directly to their lanes for the start of the meet.

Volunteers Needed:  Visiting teams should provide the following:

  • 2 Timers for Lanes 1, 3, and 5
  • 1 Timer for Lanes 2, 4, and 6
  • 1 Recorder for Lanes 2, 4, and 6
  • Head Timer (to work with DCST Head Timer, please bring adequate watches to supply your teams timers)
  • 1 Card Runner Per Shift
  • 1 Verifier Per Shift
  • 2 Clerk of Course for the Main CoC (located by the diving board area, under the Brown shade canopies) per shift
  • 1 Clerk of Course Assistant for 8 & under (next to the main entrance of the pool). This person will work ALL 8 & Under Events AND 9/10 Fly. An extra person to hunt for swimmers is helpful, but not required.
  • 1 Ribbon Labeler per shift
  • 2 Scorers per shift; under the (Big Yellow umbrella inside Baby Pool Area)
  • 1 Computer Person (team computer rep) (inside Baby Pool Area)

If you are unable to meet any of the minimum volunteer requirements (other than officials), please email Sara Martin madtymommy@yahoo.com and Medea Carter medeacarter@gmail.com no later than Wednesday prior to the meet.

Deck Access & Viewing:  There is limited deck space for viewing.  Stay behind the roped off areas.  Watch for the card runners, working officials and swimmers in line moving to events-give them room

NO spectators will be allowed at the start and finish ends of the pool as it gets very crowded and interferes with both the swimmers and the timers/recorders/runners.

Heat Sheets & Concessions:   Heat/Psych Sheet will be posted on our website by noon on Friday.  Please check dalecityfrogs.com for the heat sheet

Concessions will be available throughout the meet.  We have a variety of items: Drinks which include coffee, water, juice, milk, sodas and Gatorade, Chick-Fil-A, donuts, muffins, bagels, yogurt parfaits, cereal bars, protein bars, etc, and pasta salad, & fruit salad will be sold first thing in morning. All beef hot dogs & steak burgers offered later in the meet.  Assorted candies, snacks and fresh fruit are also on sale.

Swim needs:  We have goggles, caps, generic swim t-shirts, shorts, sunscreen, etc on sale at our Apparel tent located near the baby pool.

Swim Team Contacts: Please contact team president Jerome Martin, dcstfrogs@gmail.com

Head Official Chris Pappas pappas_chris@comcast.net  if you have any questions. Medea Carter is the meet coordinator, medeacarter@gmail.com. Pam Friend is our Head Coach, she can be contacted at a22tigger@gmail.com

Stephanie Staats is our computer reps – Please send entries to her at stephanie.staats@gmail.com by the league-set time of Thursday no later than 8 pm.   

We look forward to hosting your team and having an exciting, fun and successful meet.

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